1984 – Film

A very longwinded version of the book, it didn’t pick up until an hour into the film.
I feel like it fully represents the surveillance culture they’re so used to living under and the omnipresent eyes nothings a surprise to them. However, for me, I found the film quite irritating, long-winded and boring especially the tannoy announcing all the time, left me very agitated and wanting to turn it off. The set design and idea is fantastic with the screens, posters and propagandas. It sets the scene of the book and gets across the post-world war description from the book.
The film was slow but also felt very fast-paced with the clips oddly pieced together left me bored and confused.
I took away a few notes of inspiration and quotes, but it has left me feeling very uninspired but I definitely will visit the book to get a clear and concise review as I this will play a part of my end of year dissertation.

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