Leeds Light Night 2020 – My Experience

Every year I go Leeds Light Night without fail, seeing Leeds in a whole new light (pardon the pun) is gorgeous! My favourite light night was 2018s, 100 Years Of The Women’s Vote. The Queens hotel had an amazing show, it had fire, it had dragons and it was projected all on to 40,000 cubic feet of Portland Stone! Stunning!

However, this year Light Night couldn’t proceed due to the pandemic as light night brings a lot of footfall into the city centre. This year was described as an “amazing light art activity on offer in Leeds during autumn / winter 2020, kicking off with ‘Laser Light City’ 22 to 24 October.”
So to reduce footfall into the city they had lasers project into the sky which is a brilliant idea. At first I loved this idea and I waited until it started on the 22nd and I saw… nothing. I thought maybe it’s still a little light outside. A hour went by and I was in absolute darkness now, I still saw nothing! I was devastated!
I couldn’t see anything apart from an odd light on a cloud for the days it was on.
The Light Team said the best way to view the lights is in the Leeds City Centre which surely goes against the whole point of the footfall in Leeds to reduce the COVID-19 spread?

I don’t know, I was very disappointed with this years set up of light night. They should of just had a year off and come back next year (hopefully) bigger and better!

Vs Reality

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