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Guy Oliver was born in London, 1982. Oliver currently lives and works in Margate. Oliver’s practice within the arts features video as well as text, painting, collage and performance.

‘And You Thought I Was Bad?’ was a solo exhibition in 2018, London. Oliver researches and portrays artwork exploring themes of the relationship between comedy and tragedy within contemporary popular culture.

Oliver’s single-screen projection, And You Thought I was Bad, is surrounded by three wall-based works, paintings with accumulations of objects now associated with the 1990s and early 2000s. Throughout the video, the artist takes on the role of a TV host or arts reporter, leading the audience through a storyline that tells a story of his protest t-shirt project and its inability to actually happen. The film cuts to a quick montage of news clips from the time, including Michael Jackson, Hurricane Katrina, Osama Bin Laden’s arrest, and George W. Bush. Is Oliver’s ideas as bad as what these people did?

Pop Culture and the satire humour is something I have previously explored within my work from Censorship Sucks (2019), 03:06am (2020) and Revenge Is Better Than Masturbation (2021).

Oliver explores American Presidential figures, the cultural importance of Johnny Cash, and how the history of his own life has become entangled with recent socio-political global events, charting the surreal links between art and modern politics through a sort of mangled personal nostalgia.

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Guy Oliver, And You Thought I Was Bad? Installation view, Zabludowicz Collection Invites solo exhibition, London. Courtesy the artist and Zabludowicz Collection. Photo Tim Bowditch
Guy Oliver, And You Thought I Was Bad?, 2018 (still)