Exit Through The Gift Shop

‘Exit Through The Gift Shop’ was a Banksy directed film that debuted in 2010 which documented Theirry Guetta who worked with many famous street artists such as Shepard Fairey and was the cousin of Space Invader. Guetta now known as Mr Brainwash worked with Banksy for many years documenting the behind the scenes process of the creativity of his work but had very clear instructions to ‘only film from behind, my (Banksy’s) hands and I can check the tapes afterwards. Banksy described Guetta as not only a filmmaker but as an accomplice too. In the film Guetta documents many of Banksy controversial work from his ‘Barely Legal’ exhibition in 2006 which featured a painted elephant which is illegal in California where the exhibition was held to a life-size model attached to railings at Disneyland to raise awareness of what was happening at Guantanamo Bay. Throughout the whole documentary, Banksy has everything in place to still keep him anonymous with his voice being edited and his face is completely blacked out.
The film is debated whether it a mockumentary and shooting a joke at Mr Brainwash, but I think it shows the excellence of perfecting a craft by admiring those around you and being able to create something out of nothing except inspiration. “Life is beautiful” the exhibition Guetta puts on, becomes a huge success, he wasn’t too sure whether it would do great or fail to begin with. Guetta sells almost up to one million dollars of artwork and his work worldwide.
In the end, Banksy and Fairey are in the utmost confusion about how Guetta managed all this with Banksy stating he cut corners and time will tell whether he is a real artist. Guetta has gone on to sell lots more work and even did an album cover for Madonna! Banksy lets the audience know he will never help someone with a documentary again.
In the end, Banksy and Fairey come across as very pretentious about street art and almost bratty, I know it is supposed to be comical but they are two very jealous artists as they have spent years perfecting their craft and making a name for themselves and Mr Brainwash comes and is an overnight success and almost inspirational to me and probably others trying to create a brand and name in the art industry!

Exit Through The Gift Shop Trailer