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Laws of Motion in a Cartoon Landscape | Andy Holden

Andy Holden is an artist whose work includes sculpture, large installations, painting, music, performance, animation and multi-screen videos.

From 2011 until 2017 Holden worked on Laws of Motion in a Cartoon Landscape, described by The Art Newspaper as an “epic and widely acclaimed masterpiece”. The work is an hour-long animated film, narrated by the artist Andy Holden as a cartoon character, in which the world is declared to have become a cartoon, and cartoon physics is used as a way of understanding the world. The work also sees the limitless possibilities of today’s world through the prism of ten ‘motion laws’ delivered in a tone that is part-lecture, part-documentary and part-conspiracy theory. Laws such as “Everything falls faster than an anvil” and “Anybody suspended in space will remain in space until made aware of its situation”, are mixed with Greek myths, philosophy, politics, physics and the history of animation.

Andy Holden: Laws of Motion in a Cartoon Landscape (Still)
Andy Holden: Laws of Motion in a Cartoon Landscape (Still)
Andy Holden: Laws of Motion in a Cartoon Landscape (Still)

Animation of an alternate world is something I have explored within my own practise with 3:06 AM. 3:06AM is a 2 Minute 39 Second Song alongside a hand drawn stop motion animated music video. The song and video represents the sleep cycle and the current situation we are in of Covid-19, only seeing a loved one within dreams until the dream switches to something else. Something Scary. The Sound is designed to be heard with both ears to create an immersive experience and play with your senses of not knowing where the vocals and sounds are coming from. It will work best with earphones or headphones. The video sticks to a very consistent style of animation and illustration throughout the video, edited for a dream like but abstract feel.

WARNING: Strobe Lights, Arachnophobia and Trypophobia