Artist Research

Bein Art Gallery

Bein Art Gallery recently featured a miniature art exhibition on their website with miniature artworks able to be bought from a plethora of many different artists.

Bein Art Gallery described the exhibition which ran from 8th to the 25th of March, “the magic is in the invitation extended to the viewer to reimagine the world on an entirely different scale, one in which even Thumbelina might be considered a giant.”

The show was co-curated by master miniaturist Joshua Smith, who has built sculptures of urban decay, made principally of cardboard, fibre and paint and been shown internationally.

Here are a few selections of the artwork which were featured:

Vildan Hoşbak – “Toilet”- mixed media, scratch built
Joshua Smith – “68 Bolesława Limanowskiego”- scratch built miniature made from MDF, balsa wood, styrene, plaster, wire, acrylic paint, weathering pigment
Steve Casino – “Beatle Breath”- polymer clay, acrylics and Tic Tac container

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