Little Nightmare Comics

Little Nightmares Comics is a digital comic book published by Plast!ek. Its stories seems to take place before the events of Little Nightmares II.

Little Nightmares II (also sometimes stylized as Little Nightmares 2) is a video game released on February 11th, 2021 for PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC, and Stadia and later in 2021 for PS5 and Xbox Series X/S. Little Nightmares II is a puzzle adventure game. Where the player takes control of a boy named Mono, who, along with Six (the protagonist of the first game who returns as a companion non-playable character), journeys through the Pale City to reach the Signal Tower.

Little Nightmares 2 and the comic explores themes of escapism. This is shown mostly by the brainwashing of the TVs, making all occupants of the city faceless zombie-like humanoids. The creators also use escapism as a way to unfold the nature of the characters.

Little Nightmares Comics is split up into six different chapters, which is also a nod to the protagonist from the first game.

Episode 1: In the Wilderness, Six runs away from the Hunter and manages to out run him by hiding in a hole under a tree. After emerging from it, she notices Mono sitting on a tree branch in the distance, illuminated by the moonlight. However, before Six could act, the Hunter finds her and captures her, leading to the events of Little Nightmares II.

Episode 2: An unnamed boy travels through the Wilderness after he wakes from a nightmare. He is then lured to an old shed in the depths of the Wilderness after hearing the sound of someone screaming. Suddenly a TV in front of the shed turns on, and the Thin Man, the villain in the game, appears and emerges from it. Out of curiosity, the boy approaches the TV, and the Thin Man subsequently kidnaps him.

Episode 3: Trapped in a cell at the Hospital, a girl tries to escape by digging through the floor with her bare hands, then later spoons being given to her by an unseen source. After breaking many spoons trying to dig her tunnel, the girl finds light shimmering through cracks; she breaks through and realizes she had dug back into her cell. However, the cell door opens and the girl walks out to a hallway. As she was walking, the Doctor crawls on the ceiling from behind.

Episode 4
: At the School, a boy is hiding from two Bullies. When a Bully passed by the desk he was hiding under, the boy ambushes him, smashing his head open with his lollipop. After smashing the heads of many Bullies, he then finds the body of the character who was pushed off the roof, he then discovered it was another Bully. He runs and hides inside a locker, only to get discovered by the Teacher.

Episode 5: Within an apartment of the Pale City, a child searches for food while two Viewers are distracted by a TV. The child then discovers a rat that had escaped the cage it was trapped in. Hoping to save it, the child takes the rat with them and attempts to leave through an open window. However, the rat has died in their arms, and suddenly, the TV turns off, and the Viewers attack the child.

Episode 6: Mono awakens in a hole within the flooring of a room, which he realizes is burning down with many children, including himself, trapped within. The sprinklers are then triggered and douse the fires. But the relief is short-lived, as an unseen figure begins to snatch the children one by one from the darkness. In the chaos, Mono finds and ascends up a flight of stairs and discovers another room with a broken TV. Hearing someone going up the stairs behind him, Mono then hides inside the broken TV, but the figure manages to find Mono

I absolutely loved playing the Little Nightmare games, the gameplay, graphics and artwork is phenomenal! The world is so dark and twisted and the themes explored are really interesting too. I love taking inspiration for my artwork from my dreams and nightmares so somehow I feel I connect to this game!

You can purchase Little Nightmares Two here (Not an Ad/Not Affiliated):

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