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Inspiration: Awesome, Thanks AKA Devin Smith

While I was scrolling on Instagram, I came across a miniature version of the ‘Werk Room’ entrance of Ru Pauls Drag Race on my explore page. I was absolutely fascinated by how someone has managed to create such detail on such a small scale. I clicked on the profile, and it was Awesome, Thanks. I was blown away by what I was looking at! Miniature silkscreen printing (which works), Tiny glory holes, bathroom cubicles, and other small scenes. Awesome, Thanks is owned by Devin Smith, who is a miniature artist based in Wisconsin and is featured in “Ripley’s Believe it or not” for the world’s smallest silkscreen! Straight away, I was inspired and wanted to create something miniature and immersive. I previously tried something like this back in September with a project called Identity, which Locke and Key inspired. It was a one-minute video of what I expected my brain to look like. I thought it looked a little arts and crafts as I had a haul in Poundland and went crazy with random bits and bobs.
Smith got into creating miniatures back in 2013 for a T-shirt factory he worked for during the summer. On the last day of the summer, he used some cardboard, went home, and started to construct a miniature version of the T-shirt factory itself. Five months later… it was finished, and he had the opportunity to go back to the T-shirt factory and give it to everyone there as a Christmas present. It sits there today in the front showroom for every customer to come in and enjoy. (I took this from an Interview with Daily Mini)
I love his story of creating something, and he previously said in an interview with Daily Mini that “You can make one incredible giant thing and take up an entire room, or you can make thousands of tiny things.”

I got the chance to message back and forth with Devin, he described his to me and what he hopes to achieve. “With my work, I like to capture a specific moment in time. A moment that means something special to me, and hopefully through the expression of my art, means something to someone else as well. Creating a link, a connection, a conversation between me and my works admirers.”

Check Awesome, Thanks out on Instagram here:

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