My Work Revenge Is Better Than Masturbation

Revenge Is Better Than Masturbation 2021 | Jack Harper

Revenge Is Better Than Masturbation 2021 is a miniature three piece series of a murder mystery of a unknown person, but for entertainment purposes, he is called John, who has killed a star of my previous work, Karen.

Revenge Is Better Than Masturbation 2021 is a piece inspired by looking through the eyes of someone else. The story is set into different places John lives, works and plots this murder. The house is separated into six rooms; The Attic, Room 306, The Bathroom, The Green Room, The Kitchen and The Living Room.

We all have our own stories, and we can use the rooms to let our imaginations run wild and create various scenarios inside the house, but only one person knows what happened here.

The story, all names, characters, and incidents portrayed in this production are fictitious. No identification with actual persons (living or deceased), places, buildings, and products is intended or should be inferred.

The shed. A decrepit monument to this man’s twisted secrets. If you were to call this man an artist then this shed would be his studio, although I doubt many would argue that this man’s morbid obsession could be classed as art.

The miasma of rot and decay clung to the dilapidated wood that made up the walls and floorboards, in a way it reminded me of the attic but without the turpentine and paint to mask the horrid stench.

The ground was stained a dark crimson that matched the dried flecks of red that soiled the tools on the workbench. A map detailing missing people from the local area who would never be found again. The shelves adorned with trophies from his victims making this garden shed feel like this man’s monument to his inhumanity.

This was the only space that reflected who this man truly was, his work and home a mere disguise in order for him to indulge his perverted and twisted tendencies. A man who has committed so much horror but still wanted to live a quiet life.

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