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Locke and Key – Netflix Series Inspiration

As entering another world with plot twists, secrets and lots of keys. The Netflix Original Locke and Key series, inspired by the comics series by Joe Hill is an absolute must watch!

Spoiler Alerts Ahead

Each key in the series had a magical power. The Echo Key could bring back people from the dead, the Matchstick key could set things alight, the Anywhere Key could take you anywhere you wanted to go and so on. However, one Key that stood out to me the most was the Head Key. A key that would open a keyhole in the back of your neck and you could enter your own mind. This got me thinking of what my mind would look like what sections there would be throughout it.

Coming back to university we were given a task of identity and what perfect time it was to put my inspiration to use. In the film, the insides of their minds were gigantic rooms with Kinseys being a mall and Bodes being an arcade.

I created an artwork and complimentary video called “On Entry.” Inspired by the series and the artwork by Gabriel Rodriguez within the comic.

On Entry is a one minute video complimented with a digital art piece of what makes up my brain and my identity.

The video is focused on all the different parts of the brain such as the frontal lobe which focuses on emotions and creativity; The Parietal Lobe which is connected to senses and language and finally the Temporal Lobe which is responsible for memory and emotions.

The video is all handmade of different materials I think best represent my mind within a box covered in Fragile tape. I originally wanted to create an immersive space but at the moment we are all feeling boxed in and wanting to get out, similar to overthinking during the lockdown. The Fragile tape represents the play of the fragility and agility of the brain itself.

Each part is decorated and tied to be in front back and middle part of the brain which shows the lobes and their meanings.

The video is shot on an endoscope which has the feeling of going inside myself and looking within, which I have done during lockdown with lots of self-reflection ready for my final year at university. The back of the brain represents my fears and the things I try to push to the back of my mind, the fear of being watched, illness and disease, not many people know this about me but I have a fear of reflections which is quite ironic from someone described as vain!

The toy cars depict my thoughts rushing around my mind 110mph not knowing what they might crash into. The side of the walls has jumbled letters which spell out Conspiracy as everyone knows I love a Conspiracy theory and my memories of Jasper. Also inside I have building blocks which show the building I do on myself and having a thick skin. I have a photo of my boyfriend in there too as I have lots of memories about him also. The pencils on the top show my creativity and my love for art itself, as well as some previous Censorship work in there too.

The music played within the work is muffled as in you’re in my brain and hearing it from the outside which conveys the immersive feel I wanted to create, it’s all a bit random and chaotic which I think signifies my mind and also has a nod back to my previous lockdown artwork 3:06 am.

On Entry by JxckHxrperArt
Artwork By Gabriel Rodriguez
On Entry Video by JxckHxrperArt

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